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Contact Detail

Registered Address: 49 Soi LuanjueaAnusorn2,

Sukhumvit 70/3 Road, Bangna, Bangkok Thailand 10260

Telephone:  + 66 (0) 2 399 4930

Facsimile:  +66 (0) 2 745 2098

Mobile:  +66 (0) 80 220 0005



Line Official ID:  @ppss

GPS:  13.6699298,100.6020199


We are a leading supplier of key components and engineered solutions for various industrial processes, including Gas Process Heating, Infrared Process Heating, Temperature Monitoring Systems, Cleaning & Cooling Equipment, Material Handling, and Powder Coating Systems.


Our expertise lies in developing advanced gas surface combustion technologies and process heating control solutions.


We also specialize in infrared process heating, offering state-of-the-art Short-wave Quartz Emitters and SCR Controllers for electric IR. Additionally, our industrial gases system includes Infrared Gas Burners, Ignition Systems, and Temperature Control solutions.


We authorized supply global brand such as DATAPAQ (FOOD), PHOENIXTM, LANEMARK,UNI-SPRAY, POREXAIR, SUNSRAYS, KOMPAC, MAYWICK, TEMPMATE We established our own industrial Thai brand namely PYRO PRECISION, HEATWAVE and CELSIUS for advanced heating solutions.

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