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CureRight UV Profiling Radiometer

CureRight UV Profiling Radiometer

SKU : ILT800

Application : belt UV curing process , profiling belt radiometer

  • The ILT800 CureRight radiometers measure everything you need and includes ISO17025 accredited calibration to ensure accuracy. The ILT800 simplifies measurement by continuously sampling until UV light is detected, then automatically measuring.

    The device’s large OLED display provides both numerical and graphical representations of the irradiance and dosage. Sampling occurs at 3000 readings per second, allowing belt
    speeds of up to 77 meters per second, providing a high-resolution profile for both continuous and pulsed light sources


    • Up to 3,000 samples per seco
    • Stores 20 unique device IDs Profiling
    • Optic and controls on one side
    • Auto/Manual/Live modes
    • Stores up to 1,000 profiles
    • Large OLED display
    • ISO17025 Calibration

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