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CurveX 3 Nano Oven Data Logger Kit

CurveX 3 Nano Oven Data Logger Kit

SKU : CX3040S

Application : can coating, pin oven profiling, UV coating, latex glove and condom temperature profile

  • CurveX 3 Nano is a 4-channel oven recorder specially designed for can coaters and limited space thru-process temperature profiling.


    The CurveX 3 Nano has four thermocouple type K inputs to be used to measure either surface- or air temperature. The CurveX 3 Nano comes complete with 4 wire probes and self-adhesive attachment pads to position the probes. Each probe can be used for either surface or air temperature. The probes are usually attached to a real can on the next pin.


    While can coating the time-temperature cycle must be controlled carefully – Together with the cans the oven recorder winds through the conveying system in the oven and makes up a complete temperature profile. With help of paint cure specifications it determines the curing process by calculating the cure index for you, enabling a simple pass / fail setup.


    Behind a computer, you can analyse all gathered data with TQC Ideal Finish Analysis software or print a report with all measurement data and graphs.



    • Operate through only 3 buttons
    • Meaningful feedback of multi coloured LED's
    • Factory calibrated for immediate use
    • Downloads data through a standard USB port
    • Rechargeable battery pack through USB connector
    • Large memory of max. 160,000 readings
    • Memory for 10 different batches, automatically overwrites the oldest results
    • Programmable “paint type” memory for immediate “pass / fail” result
    • Round design, only 53 mm in Ø, for use in can ovens
    • Competible with Ideal Finising Alalysis software


    It features durable and impact resistant housing, USB connectors, rechargeable batteries and three multi-colour LED’s. Compatible with ideal finish analysis software.


    Scope of supply

    • CX3040       CurveX 3 Nano
    • CL0018       Factory calibrated, calibration certificate included
    • CX5010       Ideal Finish Analysis Software license
    • CM1105      USB cable
    • GL0103       USB memory stick
    • CX3060       Plastic carrying case
    • CX9090       4x Thermocouple wire probes 1.5m
    • CX2205       Set of 25 Self-adhesive attachment pads (T=250°C/482°F)

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