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Mini Temperature Data Logger for Process Monitoring 140°C

Mini Temperature Data Logger for Process Monitoring 140°C

SKU : tempmate.®-B Series

Application : Washing machine, Small drying machine

  • Ultra robust mini logger, the size of a button cell, for recording temperature and humidity measurements with up to 5 years recording duration. Manufactured accoding European Standard EN 12830, Temperature recorders for the transport, storage and distribution of temperature sensitive goods. Tests, performance, suitability.

    tempmate.®-B series temperature data loggers are ideal whenever your goods will be transported and stored over a long period of time and you have to make sure, that the quality has not been compromised. Its ultra-compact dimensions, super light weight and the economical pricing make our tempmate.®-B series a worldwide first choice. tempmate.®-B series are self contained single channel temperature data loggers with the ability to record up to 8,000 data points, depending upon the model chosen they will measure from -40°C to +140°C.

    The logger is connected to the PC via the separately available USB adapter, and is programmed, read and analyzed with the aid of the user-friendly TempIT software. The TempIT-Lite software offers a graphical display and can be downloaded here, free of charge. For more comprehensive analysis, including table view, data export function (for example Excel or Word), MKT, F0, A0 and PU calculations, there is the TempIT-Pro version, which is also available with optional copy protect dongle. It is possible to upgrade from TempIT-Lite to TempIT-Pro at any time.

    • Ultra compact (17.35 mm diameter, 5.89 mm thick)
    • Ultra light weight (4 g)
    • Calibration certificates optionally available
    • Splash waterproof, additional housings for every application available
    • Cost-efficient and reliable


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