High Accuracy Non-contact Medical Infrared Thermometer Color Display

High Accuracy Non-contact Medical Infrared Thermometer Color Display

SKU : HT20 Pro

Application : fever detection, SARS detection, COVID-19 symptom inspection

Measurement Range
  • HT20 Pro Digital IR Thermometer 
    This Infrared IR non-contact thermometer guntype temperature tester measures the temperature of an object quickly and accurately. It has color display function/indictaor:

    - Measuring temperature, dynamic compensation of ambient temperature and object temperature

    - High-sensitivity infrared temperature probe is adopted for high-precision and stable measurement accuracy

    - Switchable temperature unit °C/°F

    - Data lock function

    - Backlight and adjustable brightness function

    - MAX/AVG/MIN value selection

    - ON/OFF buzzer function

    - Low battery indicator

    - You can choose the mode of measurement, human body or object

    - Automatic shutdown after 20 sec

    - Portable easy to operate and carry anywhere

    - Colour display with colour font alarm

    • White Font (stand by mode): below 35°C (95°F)
    • Green Font (normal): below 37.3°C (99.14°F)
    • Yellow Font (slight fever): 37.4~38°C (99.32~100.4°F)
    • Orange Font (fever): 38.1~39°C (100.58~102.2°F)
    • Red Font (high fever): 40°C (104°F)

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