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PhoenixTM LT Optical Profiling System for Continious Oven

PhoenixTM LT Optical Profiling System for Continious Oven

SKU : VIS-64-140-1

Application : paint cure applications

  • Optical profiling is a complementary technique to that of temperature profiling where instead of measuring the temperature of a product or process the system records a video of the products journey through the oven or furnace.


    Such video evidence can be invaluable in understanding the operation and condition of the furnace without the need to stop production, experience lengthy cool down periods and the pain of dismantling equipment. Problems with the furnace or product transfer then can be quickly identified and corrected.


    Potential future problems can be detected and corrective action scheduled, preventing unwanted future line stoppages.


    PhoenixTM can provide a solution:
    The innovative unique PhoenixTM Optic system allows optical profiling of continuous thermal processes. With custom designed thermal barrier solutions, the video camera and torch, providing independent illumination can travel safely through the process collecting clear high-resolution video images of the product and interior of the Oven / Furnace. Review of the video record, post run, can highlight problems that may not have been apparent and exactly where they occur in the process. See exactly what your product sees as it travels through the oven or furnace during normal production conditions.

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