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Temperature Profile Systems

Multi-point temperature measurement of air and products inside harsh environment of oven or furnace will require the temperature profile system to record and quick interpenetrate your process heating data.  

Handheld Thermal Cameras

Infrared camera’s ability to detect two-dimensional temperature distributions as image and differences in temperature allow you to find problems that result in costly downtime, or to monitor ongoing problems.

High-end Thermography Systems

High-resolution stationary infrared cameras of ImageIR® series and VarioCAM® HD head are conceived for application with highest standards in the fields of research and development, non-destructive material testing and high speed process monitoring up to 355Hz.



  • FOS14 System

    Food and Beverage

  • FIC04 & FIS04 System

    Paint & Powder Coat Curing

  • HTS01-03 System

    High Temperature 800°-1200°C

  • HTS06 System

    Aluminium Heat Treatment - Water Quench

  • HTS08 System

    CAB & Vacuum Brazing

  • HTS12 System

    Heat Treatment - Oil Quench

NEW! PTM1200


PhoenixTM Data Loggers are designed for harsh environment particularly in high temperature industrial processes and surveying.
6, 10 and 20 channels, HT data loggers can maximize shut-off to 110°C allows for use in Standard or Evaporative Thermal Barriers
Bluetooth capability to allow wireless logger connection for download and reset.
PTM1200 data logger.png


PhoenixTM develops Thermal Barriers to suit specific applications; for example coating processes require Thermal Barriers to be free of all traces of silicone, whereas in the heat treatment industry, where Thermal Barriers are subject to high rates of heating and cooling.


All PhoenixTM thermocouples are manufactured to the highest quality standards and conform to the ANSI MC96.1 special limits specification. The insulation material and the plug terminations are color coded to conform to the IEC 60584 standard.


PhoenixTM 'Thermal View' is a powerful software package allowing you to quickly and easily analyze data from your process. Screen layout is clear and using the enhanced control bar makes this a very easy, package to operate, with all the analysis functions you will need.
Thermal View Software.png


New! 780MHz Two-way communication with ZigBee protocol allows operators not only see  real-time graph and analysis temperature profile data but also the equipment can be controlled from the distance. 
PhoenixTM RF Telemetry 01.png
PhoenixTM RF Telemetry 02.png
PhoenixTM RF Telemetry 03.png



Calibration of your data logger is an important consideration if you are going to rely on it for your test results and to ensure that the readings it provides are accurate regarding ISO9000, ISO17025 and AMS2750 standard.
DATAPAQ systems operate with the harshest environments particularly in food processing, the system submerged under the oil, water or stream then travel through freezing (IQF) which participate high humidity and high pressure conditions. Data logger internal operation temperature can reach up to 85°C unlikely normal portable handheld which operate at room temperature. In order to achieve the reliable performance, the calibration procedure cannot do the same way with other equipment.
DATAPAQ calibration and preventive maintenance service can be achieved by : 
20 hours thermal stress testing (Heat-Cycle-Test)
Electronic calibration of the data logger
Adjustment if necessary
Issue of calibration certificate
Exchange of small defective parts
(e.g. rechargeable battery, interfaces, sockets)

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